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New Wave Featured on Midas Letter as CMO Dan Mitre answers questions about the growing esports industry and New Wave's position in the North American market.

New Wave Holdings joined Grit Capital's "Esports in Capital Markets" in Toronto, Ontario in April 2019 with interviews featuring CMO Dan Mitre and President Trumbull Fisher.

CMO Daniel Mitre introduced New Wave Holdings to an investor and capital markets audience at Grit Capital's "Esports in Capital Markets" event in Toronto on April 24th, 2019.

CMO Dan Mitre provides insight on New Wave Holding's positioning within esports and the capital markets.

President Trumbull Fisher provides insight on New Wave Holdings' while attending the Grit Capital "Esports in Capital Markets" event.

New Wave Holdings interview with CMO Daniel Mitre on the Grit Capital Podcast about the emerging esports and competitive gaming industry.

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