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Developing new horizons in gaming.
Building the future of esports.

New Wave is a competitive gaming and esports investment company.

Toronto | Los Angeles

Toronto | Los Angeles

Developing new horizons in gaming.
Building the future of esports.

New Wave is a competitive gaming and esports investment company.

Toronto | Los Angeles

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Taking Esports & Competitive Gaming Investment to the Next Level

New Wave Holdings CEO Tolga Onuk and CMO Dan Mitre interview with ESTNN.

In an interview with esports TV and news network, ESTNN, New Wave’s CEO Tolga Onuk and CMO Dan Mitre provide an inside look at New Wave’s vision, their background as gaming experts, and why community is important in the growing industry.

“All the investments that we’re making are in alignment with our goals, our vision,” says Tolga Onuk. 

“Not only are we building businesses and not only are we contributing towards revenue growth, which is the business side of things, we’re also giving back to the community that we’re very passionate about,” says Dan Mitre.

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New Wave Attended the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco


The Game Developers Conference is the annual gathering of the global gaming industry. The GDC was held last week in San Francisco. Our team reconnected with many industry veterans from Unity, Epic, Nvidia, Logitech, EA and several gaming and esports startup companies. Google announced its game streaming platform Stadia during GDC and it was the most promoted brand of the conference. 

New Wave executive team will be attending to E3 which is going to be held at Los Angeles, CA in June 2019. 

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New Wave invests in Tiidal which owns the globally recognized Lazarus Esports


Tiidal Gaming is a Canada-based professional esports and entertainment organization with a track record of success in competitive gaming, emerging esports markets, and operational excellence through ownership and management of professional teams. Tiidal Gaming owns 100% of Team Lazarus which is currently in the 12th place among the most valuable teams globally. Team Lazarus has more than 1.2M followers across social media and popular livestreaming platforms and they consist one of the best female esports teams in the world. New Wave Holdings invested in Tiidal Gaming while New Wave executives Tolga Onuk & Daniel Mitre appointed as strategical advisors to the company. 

Website:   + Lazarus

Thematic research about esports by Bank of America & Merrill Lynch 3/19/19


BofAML’s US Internet team estimates the eSports market will top US$1bn+ in 2019 with a potential US$15bn best case scenario Total Addressable Market, and this is just the beginning. Currently within this theme, publishers, distributors, platform and hardware segments are key. Long term, BofAML believes multi-platform, cloud gaming, and virtual reality will propel us into the next generation of eSports/video gaming. The next catalyst will be eSports going more mainstream; in the next five years, we will see more professional sporting competitions like the NBA 2K League and potentially, it could be an official sport at the Paris 2024 Olympics...

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New Wave invests in esports events company Even Matchup Gaming (EMG)


Even Matchup Gaming (EMG) is a Toronto-based leading competitive gaming organizer, broadcaster, and player management company that facilitates online and live tournaments, leagues and gaming ladders, while also acting as a social community for competitive gamers around the world. EMG has built the trust and support of the community through it’s leadership and proven expertise in the space to operate at the highest level, and as a market leader in the esports industry in Canada, is well-positioned to create significant value for its owners


Trumbull Fisher appointed as President of the New Wave Holdings Corp.


New Wave Holdings Corp. recently added another executive into its management team and Trumbull G. Fisher appointed as the President of the holdings company. Trumbull G. Fisher has 14 years of experience as a founder, trader, and asset manager in capital markets, investment funds, and financial technologies involving Canada's largest financial institutions and global organizations. Trumbull G. Fisher oversees New Wave Holdings Corp.'s financial and strategic operations in Toronto, Ontario.



New Wave invests in - founded by UFC Champion Mike Bisping


Co-Owned by UFC Middleweight Champion Michael “The Count” Bisping, PlayLine’s mission is to make fantasy sports for everyone – by simplifying the process, focusing on the star players you know and love, and by offering great cash prizes in all of daily fantasy sports. Playline generated an impressive income in 2018 and the platform is gaining popularity while increasing revenue. By taking the future potential of esports betting under consideration, New Wave Holdings Corp. invested in Playline and in their talented team. 


New Wave's CMO Daniel Mitre featured on


New Wave's new Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Partner Daniel Mitre was featured on on February 27th. 

"Whether you believe the recent empty seats at EA has meaning to it or not, there’s no denying that familiar names have left in recent times. This includes people like Jade Raymond, Patrick Söderlund, Battlefield’s producer Jojje Dalunde, and now Dan Mitre — Battlefield Global Community Manager."

"If you happen to be unaware who Mitre is, he is the guy who said this during a Battleifled V live stream:"

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Trueclaim Exploration enters into binding LOI with New Wave for a proposed RTO


Trueclaim Exploration Inc. announced that it has entered into a binding letter of intent with New Wave Holdings Corp. to acquire a 100% interest in New Wave via a business combination transaction that would constitute a reverse take-over of Trueclaim.

“I’m excited and incredibly proud of this milestone between New Wave and Trueclaim,” said Tolga Onuk, Chief Executive Officer of New Wave. “I am eager to further expand New Wave’s business operations, and grow with our teams and partners as we develop the future of esports and gaming.”

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Daniel Mitre appointed as CMO of the New Wave Holdings Corp.


Co-Founder of Thunderbolt CDG, Daniel Mitre has been appointed as Chief Marketing Officer of the New Wave Holdings Corp. By working with private and publicly traded gaming companies, Dan has gained a wealth of experience that brings his love for gaming to life in form of world-class marketing initiatives, influencer programs, direct-to-player social networking, strategic partnerships, in-game and in-person events, and holistic player ecosystem reporting. Dan was previously leading EA's global community engagement initiative.


Tolga Onuk appointed as CEO of the New Wave Holdings Corp.


After the acquisition of Thunderbolt CDG, New Wave Holdings appointed the serial-entrepreneur startup veteran as its new Chief Executive Officer. As a designer, developer, and marketing leader, Tolga Onuk contributed to the success of more than 40 startups, built dozens of digital campaigns, games, and applications while leading LA's top interactive teams. Formerly, Tolga was the Founder and CEO of Thunderbolt Studios - an award winning digital technology development company based in Beverly Hills, CA.


New Wave Holdings Corp. acquired Los Angeles-based Thunderbolt CDG Inc.


The acquisition was completed after an undisclosed deal between the two companies following two months of preparation and planning.

New Wave Holdings was primarily interested in the executive and creative talent, and the new competitive gaming platform which Thunderbolt CDG Inc. has been building since 2018.


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